Hylian Lemon was introduced to Zelda through Oracle of Ages. As a kid, he played the game in his stuffy closet with a lamp and loved every second of it. Also, he kind of likes music a lot. (Website, OCR Profile)

Chickenwarlord is a lazy, good-for-nothing tyrant who wages war on Kentucky Fried Chicken. In his spare time he reads about history and arranges music.

CopiousX is a remixer skilled with FruityLoops, Pro Tools, Reason. He plays the harmonica, irish tin whistle and chinese dizi.

Dj Mokram is a versatile, self-taught musician with a predilection for orchestral music fused with modern genres. As a VG remixer, he focuses on bringing under-appreciated game soundtracks to light.

Flexstyle aims to stay musically true to the flexibility in his name. He also produces a few local (Phoenix, AZ) acts--rock, pop, dance, he can do it all. Enjoys gaming and basketball in his spare time. (Website)

Girlz Melon is a one-man band that contributes to the genre of Video Game Metal. His hobbies include gaming, movies and going to bullfights on acid. (Website)

HitoriJaNai is a video game fan, rookie composer, and one man band that tries his hand at anything he deems fit. His hobbies include surviving, playing video games, and making others' days better.

JH Sounds (previously known as just64helpin) is a video game fan who creates original music and arrangements from time to time. He mostly enters compos, but participates in album projects when he is properly goaded.

Krow is a composer, ReMixer, designer, and writer who brings procrastination to a whole new level. He's always trying to find the next best thing to fight boredom when he's not jamming with his band.

Level 99 is: a host of OverClocked After Dark, an OCReMixer, the head of The OverClocked Plaid Muffins, running the NiGHTS into Dreams project, and a fantastic lover. He is not: a puma or turtle. (Over Clocked After Dark)

Liam Tarpey has been producing for a number of years now and has been playing the guitar for longer than that. He works on various stuff, remixes game music (obviously), produces for a hip hop band, makes drum and bass, and plays a lot of blues guitar. (Website)

Joe, of NintenJoe 64, is a hard working guy. When he's not laying down some tracks, he can be found on his good ol' PS3. Getting up early for work can be tough for him, but he's always got time for music for when he gets home. (On Reverb Nation)

prophetik is a composer and saxophonist. When not busy teaching students saxophone or writing music for video games, he plays with his cat, builds computers, and spends time with his wife. (OCR Profile)

PROTODOME is a musician and artist whose time seems to be devoted to using both these skills to tribute videogames. When he's not composing chiptunes or jazz, or chiptune jazz/jazz chiptunes, he likes wearing skinny jeans, eating strawberry jam and a nice cup of tea in the morning. (OCR Profile)

Sockpuppet is a very lazy remixer/composer who likes to try out various musical genres (mostly electronic). He enjoys playing video games and has been learning keyboard/piano for about 9 years.

The Eluryahn has serious personal issues, but that's for another time and place. The times he isn't kicking a hacky sack or writing, he loves to listen to music, to play any RPG, to take photographs, and Jesus.

Zorlaxseven, or S. Estrada, enjoys writing orchestral music and always loved the gameboy Zelda games. He also would like to thank Ben Hoffman for helping his music reach completion.

The_Maverickk was the project's lead graphic artist and designer. Lover of 8-Bit, lime, rum, and coca-cola (not specifically in any order). He longs for epic battles and adventure. He substitutes such things with toiling on his laptop making pretty pictures and playing video games.

BLUamnEsiac has been a gamer and self-taught artist since the age of 3. He's a notorious multitasker, always trying to balance work and play for time is always against him. When in doubt...Liquid Blue!! (On DeviantArt)

Gust Man is a student in graphic design. A sucker for nostalgia, while most of his time is spent working on various projects and studying he also likes to take breaks and play old school games.

MW is the project's main producer, web coder, and host. He runs the Rêvasser Network for an online living. His specializations include programming, web design, and media production. He has too many projects to manage successfully. (Network, Website)